the name

there are a couple of stories behind the name i chose for this blog-thing.

the first story goes like this: hi, i’m emma, i’m autistic and i hate naming things. i hate proper nouns. i dislike having to summarize things in small amounts of words. i normally name everything with either a terrible pun, or a tiny quote from a poem (followed by an absurdly long subtitle). in academia, you can get away with that shiz. but i couldn’t think of any applicable puns, and the pretentiousness-level of my taste in quotes doesn’t quite match up with the pretentiousness-level of my taste in my own writing, so that wasn’t going to work either. i put off making a blog for quite a while, and like 35% of that was because i didn’t want to have to name it. like, when i was a kid, i had two teddy bears (i have more than two now, but that’s beside the point): one of them was named “teddy” and the other was named “bear.” i have a stuffed animal puppy that i carry around now. his name is “puppy.”

the second story goes like this: when i was in elementary school, i was obsessed with “the avengers” (the ’60s british tv show with diana rigg and patrick macnee, not the comic). more specifically, i was in love with emma peel. she was probably the first in what became a long line of “do i want to be you, or do i want to do you?” conundra. the fact that we had the same name probably didn’t help. i liked to tell people about the show a lot–just like i’d wanted to tell everyone in preschool that i had the same birthday as errol flynn, who had played robin hood in the ’30s movie with olivia de havilland and basil rathbone in it. with my characteristic bad judgement, i eventually tried to tell my one of my cousins about my favorite show. i talked too fast, and too quietly, as per usual. she said “wait, her name is LEMON PEEL?!” really incredulously, and burst out laughing. i got very upset, becauseĀ that’s not the right name that’s not accurate you’re saying it wrong you’re saying it wrong you’re saying it wrong that’s not the right name. which, of course, made the whole situation way funnier. for the next few years, i was “lemon peel.” i occasionally still am. i no longer mind.

given my often absurd need for both precision and accuracy (gold science nerd star for me), the fact that i still kind of am in love with emma peel, my hatred of names, and the fact that i couldn’t allow myself to title this blog “blog,” “lemon peel” seemed apropos.