WARNING: about to spend a lot of time re-posting writing from old tumblrs that’s relevant, because:
1. i don’t wanna write new things now because brain hard what. and,
2. I WANT TO SHARE THE THINGS (like always). 

ImageThis is a picture of me in a green sweater and blue-green hat. I’m holding a scientifically meaningless football-thing twice as big as my head, which I built using parts from a really fancy organic chemistry modeling kit. It took a long time. It is made entirely from cyclohexene rings in various chair conformations. I made it in the middle of the night because I was anxious and prepping for a presentation. I am grinning really absurdly and holding the football-thing near my face. I took lots of pictures of myself and sent them to my friend with captions saying “LOOK I MADE A THING.” Moral of the story: I. Love. Sharing. (Information/Molecules).


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