complimentary baby poltergeist

Since yesterday I was all serious and intense, blog-post-wise, this morning I’m just sharing this picture of baby me that I found in my basement last week. Because it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

(A note: I can, and do, still make this facial expression). scan copy

This is a picture of me when I’m around a year old. I’m wearing a red jumper-overalls thing, and a white turtleneck underneath, and I’m standing up while holding on the a coffee table. My cousin (you can only see her arms) is holding up my teddy bear with both her hands, so that he’s in front of me at eye level. The expression on my face could be best described as “terrifying manic ecstasy”–when I make this face nowadays, I refer to it as my “happy poltergeist” face.” I really can’t describe it any better than that. It’s absurd.  


3 thoughts on “complimentary baby poltergeist

    • They are truly invaluable. I want to get one of those scanners that’s just like a wand that you can carry around with you and scan things by running the wand over the page. I would scan all the things. I should probably never get one, for precisely that reason.
      Also every time I look at the “Stats” thing for this blog and a little “Netherlands” flag appears somewhere, I instantly am like “HI AUTISTICOOK!” It pleases me inordinately.

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