keep in pocket

this was a conversation that happened in one of the threads on jess’ diary of a mom facebook page. it was in a public area, but since i don’t know the other women in it personally, and they don’t necessarily know this blog, i blacked out everyone’s last names (mine included) and gave us all cute little colored ovals instead of profile pictures.

most of the time, talking to people about problems that are hard, and complicated, it just doesn’t go well. especially when it’s the kind of situation where it’s not hard for someone to take someone clearly, but politely, critiquing them and interpret it all as a personal attack. and especially, especially, when you’re trying to discuss how someone is parenting their child. their autistic child. so often it can be so hard. hurt everywhere all over everyone.

but it isn’t always so hard. it does not have to hurt.

miraculous things happen sometimes.

(click each photo to enlarge)

                              ONE                                         TWO                                     THREE

0001dT 0002QK 0003G6

FOUR                                          FIVE

0004ER       0005FN

“He looks with his hands (wow).”

I almost started crying.

This one goes in my pocket for keeps.

[And, in case anyone is wondering how much time I had to spend screenshot-editing and re-sizing and formatting to make this post look like this…The answer is that it took basically fucking forever. ‘Cause I like. things. nicely. aligned. Alignment is always worth it. Always.


One thought on “keep in pocket

  1. I have so much love for this post, and for the whole thread that it’s based on. So much love for the willingness on the part of all the participants to reach out, be vulnerable, share, try to help, try to see things from a perspective that doesn’t come easily to them and presume good will from others. You just made my morning!

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