fret not

i am in fact still in existence. i just moved across the country (to go back to school). and having unpacked, organized my room (which is quite lovely) and had some actual social interactions…i have been sleeping (with a few breaks for food) for like almost two days straight.

i will post soon though.


have i mentioned that i hate transitions? because i hate transitions. like a lot. so like, right now i’m still in the process of making all the things around me concrete enough that i’ll be able to make intelligent decisions about them. like food. i need to make the existence of food in specific locations at specific times concrete enough that i’ll be able to get myself to stop doing things to go and eat. i may not succeed, but thankfully i may be able to get accommodations that will help me get food easier than that.

anyways. stay tuned. for me saying words. later.


One thought on “fret not

  1. The first week of fall semester is always carried out in “emergency mode” for me. I also hate transitions, even when they are back to a place I really want to be. (And I am having the same food problem!)

    Hang in there, and I will do the same.

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