CAN U NOT: A Twitter Ode From Me To The Mighty

I was pretty much done with their shit. So I said so. Multiple times. On Twitter. Eventually, after they posted their nonpology, I started tagging them in my Tweets. Now they are following me on Twitter? Entertainingly, the only tweet of mine they have Liked is the one where I’m like “If constructive criticism is what you want, you can fucking have some!”…As opposed to any of the tweets I wrote that actually contained constructive criticism? Whatever.

If you’re not familiar with this context/situation concerning The Mighty that I, and many other autistics/disabled people, have been talking about the last few days, please check out the brief list of relevant links that I’ve included at the end of this post.

(For anyone wondering why this post is just a post of my own tweets: When I go on a rant on Twitter about a specific topic or issue, I often like to turn that sequence of tweets into a single blog post so I have a single link I can share that isn’t to a Storify story, since the Storify format isn’t very accessible.)


List of relevant explanatory links (most helpful if read in order):

6 thoughts on “CAN U NOT: A Twitter Ode From Me To The Mighty

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