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See also: This blog now has a Facebook page! It contains lots of super ridiculous stuff, and new content appears slightly more frequently there than it does on my actual blog, because–let’s be honest–everyone’s standards are lower when they’re on Facebook.

My name is Emma. I’m 22. I’m autistic, ADHD, and anxious about everything. [One of the best things about finally getting an autism diagnosis was that “autism” subsumed what had previously been many extra diagnoses under one label, so now all of my diagnoses start with the letter “a”.] I’m a college student, and live at home with le folks right now. I am nerdy about most things you can be nerdy about in school. I do literary criticism/theory most of the time (about mostly poetry), and dabble in organic chemistry research. I like tutoring and TAing.

I like stuffed animals, cultural theory, poetry, science fiction, evolutionary developmental biology, biochemistry, being “that social-justice-obsessed person who complains all the time,” languages, CATS CATS CATS, dance, symmetrical things, soft/smooth textures, sports, spherical objects, and obsessively accumulating sources and data on everything I’m interested in. I have been referred to as both “a walking encylopedia” and “a spontaneous TED talk”; if you ask me for sources/information about a subject I know about, you’ll make me the happiest creature in the universe.

Please ask me questions and give me suggestions about things I should write about.

Please don’t be mean; I have a sub-zero bullshit tolerance level.

Email me at emma.lemonpeel@gmail.com!


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